4 - 15 SEPTEMBER 2007 - ITALY



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Daniele Imola
Greetings L.O.C. President
Mayor of Riccione

In the name of the Organizing Committee and me personally, I am particularly honored to welcome all the participants, including athletes, technicians,managers, referees and delegates who have so far contributed to the 17th WORLD MASTERS TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2007, which will take place in the cities of Riccione, Misano Adriatico and San Giovanni in Marignano. These cities once again have the opportunity to show their hospitality and organizational abilities, with the passion and efficiency that represent our country’s precious patrimony. I am sure that this World Championship will once more show everyone, and especially the younger generation, that being involved in sports has no age limit and serves an active popular/promotional function in putting forward a positive image of sports. To all the participants, I would like to express the most cordial greetings along with best wishes for spending both moments of sportive competition as well as a pleasant stay on the Adriatic coast; I am sure you will have a positive experience as well as good memories.

Cesare Beccalli
WMA. President

It is for me a honour and a pleasure to introduce to all interested persons to Masters Athletics the opening of the new WEB site concerning the next WMA Athletic World Championships in Riccione.
I hope that all of you will find there all needed information and reasons to kindle, probably for a majority simply to increase, the enthusiasm to participate to this great event.
The beauty of the landscape and of the sport facilities, the typical Romagna's hospitality , good food, amusements, will be accompanied by that sport organisation on which the Municipalities, the Italian Athletic Federation and the LOC are so passionately at work, in order to offer the best bpossible to all of the athletes and their accompanying persons from all over the world.
My best wishes to all of you. I'll be in Riccione, Misano Adriatico, San Giovanni in Marignano to enjoy together with you a great event of sport and international friendship.

Francesco Arese
Address of President

The awarding of the 2007 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPS to Riccione is the crowning achievement of the extraordinary growth that this sector has experienced in Italy in the last years. A qualitative and quantitative growth, favoured by the serious effort put by Fidal both on the national and international level. The games will involve Riccione, but also Misano Adriatico and San Giovanni in Marignano, focusing the attention of the “media” and all athletics enthusiasts on this beautiful part of the Italian peninsula. The Organizational Committee has immediately taken action by involving the Regional Committee, the Local Authorities and all those willing to support this event. It goes without saying that the whole Federation wishes every success to this event which takes place 22 years after the edition of the Rome world championship and is a sort of test for the Italian master movement. A big attendance on the part of the general public is expected since the beginning, and impressive works have been started to ensure the best structural conditions for reception and transfer to athletes and spectators who will experience memorable days of sports, festival and friendship.

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